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Fit Lab.

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With the FITLAB Fitness Club App, you now have everything right at your fingertips.

Here are just some of the features you are now empowered with:

- Scan in: No more fumbling around for your scan card you can just use your phone.
- Class Times: Have all the club class schedules right in front of you.
Specials: All current club promotions or specials
- Invite Your Friends: In seconds you can access your contacts and send an invite for 30 Days Free.
- Member Rewards: Find out how you can earn money by working out.
- Virtual Tour: Check out all of the clubs by taking the virtual tour.
- Locations: Find out where all of our clubs are and have the App take you there.
- Ask A Trainer: Schedule a Fitness Assessment at no charge or Request a Trainer.
- Get Gear: Get the latest in FITLAB Fashion!
- Extras: Come Blog with us.

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